Inflight Catering


The best “big five” alternative

Whether you are a local, regional, national or global carrier, we can accommodate all your requirement according to your financial and quality needs.

We follow the same logic: small or BIG, our aim is to provide a GOOD, QUALITY service. We treat every request as a special one. It is important to enjoy a human sized experience with the feeling of satisfaction. To tell the truth, this is our real motivation.

Our catering solutions are “close in time”, depending on the required service: food trays, buy on board, beverage, hygiene items, dry store, duty free, duty paid, cash collection, sales devices monitoring…

All solutions can be customized for each requested service. ” My catering unit” : a unique and dedicated concept for your stations.

A unique and dedicated concept for your stations

Depending on local authorizations, 3 months is the average time needed to build especially for you a dedicated catering unit…even for 6 months.

If you have seasonal activity, just an annual contract, or a special event, then demand for LOF. Do not pass up business opportunities. Because we are not BIG, we can move everywhere and think of every solution you would need.

We will dedicate for you a team that will fit the standard catering at a reasonable price and with a high level service. Just like it has to be, just like you want it.